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U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207

May 3, 2005
Alert #05-568

NOTE: This recall has been expanded (on June 24, 2005) to include several additional models, affecting about 45,000 additional units. Click here to see the expanded recall.

CPSC, Polaris Industries Announces Recall of Select Model Year 2004.5 and 2005 Sportsman and 2005 Model Year Scrambler ATVs

The following product safety recall was voluntarily conducted by the firm in cooperation with the CPSC. Consumers should stop using the product immediately unless otherwise instructed.


Manufacturer/Importer: Polaris Industries Inc., of Medina, Minn.

Hazard: Some 2004.5 and 2005 Model Year Sportsman and 2005 Model Year Scrambler 500 ATVs were assembled with possibly defective Electronic Control Modules (ECM) which may fail and overheat. If this were to occur, excessive heat could cause a fire, possibly resulting in serious injury or death. Affected units can be verified by comparing the last six digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to the serial number range in bold type below. NOTE: Not all 2004.5 and 2005 vehicles are affected. Please review the affected unit table below.

Incidents/Injuries: Polaris has received 26 reports of the ECM overheating. No injuries have been reported.

Description: Only select model year Polaris ATVs are part of this recall. The Sportsman ATV model and serial number identification decal is located on the right front side of the front radiator covering. The Scrambler 500 ATV model and serial number identification decal is located on top of the front cab cover. The VIN, or serial number is permanently stamped into the left frame rail behind the left front wheel of all Polaris ATVs.

Model(s) Affected Model Number(s) Serial Number Range - (last six numbers of VIN)
2004.5 Sportsman 500 A04CH50AR 4XACH50A*4 407617-407876
2005 Sportsman 400 A05MH42AB 4XAMH42A*5A 354270-354759, 360481-360630
4XAMH42A*5B 411353-412822
4XAMH42A*5A 353730-354269, 360631-360780
4XAMH42A*5B 411593-411832, 413068-413137
2005 Sportsman 500 A05MH50AB
4XAMH50A*5A 350562-351321, 355431-355580, 359016-359730, 362935-362979
4XAMH50A*5B 407877-408216, 411873-411912, 415275-416014, 417015-417299
4XAMH50A*5A 355581-355835, 358431-358715, 359831-360290
4XAMH50A*5B 411913-412207, 415350-415419, 416015-416279, 417315-417614, 418310
4XAMH50A*5A 350342-351590, 355280-355430, 358716-359790
4XAMH50A*5B 408217-408556, 411833-411872, 415200-415274, 416280-416564, 417615-418114
4XAMH50A*5A 350782-351051, 355130-355279, 359231-359630, 362765-363854
4XAMH50A*5B 412208-412332, 415420-415754, 416715-417014, 418510-418704
2005 Sportsman 600 A05MH59AK 4XAMH59A*5A 349790-350341
2005 Sportsman 700 A05MH68AK
4XAMH68A*5A 349720-349789, 351776-352060, 353253-353487, 356181-356390
4XAMH68A*5A 360901-361245, 362707-362764, 363575-363646
4XAMH68A*5A 349130-349719, 351591-351775, 353488-353729, 355836-356180
4XAMH68A*5A 360781-360900, 361286-361545, 362582-362706
4XAMH68A*5A 362597-362609
2005 Scrambler 500 A05BG50AA 4XABG50A*52 523011-523889, 527617-528602
*=Check Digit. This could be either a letter or a number

Sold at: Polaris dealers sold these ATVs nationwide from August 2004 through February 2005 for between $5,999 and $7,299.

Manufactured in: United States

Remedy: Free repair. Contact your Polaris ATV dealer to schedule an appointment for ECM replacement. Polaris has notified registered affected consumers directly about this recall.

Consumer Contact: Call Polaris at (800) 765-2747 between 8 a.m. and 12 midnight ET everyday, or log on to the company's Web site at

Picture of Recalled 2004.5 Sportsman ATV
2004.5 Sportsman

Picture of Recalled 2005 Sportsman ATV
2005 Sportsman

Picture of Recalled 2005 Scrambler ATV
2005 Scrambler

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